Psychological Test

How do you feel about funeral?

(1).You are not in a good mood today, but a friend invites you to attend a mask party. You will…
a. Decline the invitation.
b. Wear a mask with tears.
c. Wear a mask which shows a happy face.
(2).One day, an angel gives you a pair of wings. Where would you want to fly to?
a. A park
b. A peak
c. Fly freely without a specific destination.
(3).You want your future child to be …
a. A person who can study and is polite
b. An obedient person
c. An person with independent thinking
(4).If you have to lose a thing today, which of the following is the one you are most unwilling to lose?
a. wallet
b. mobile phone
c. notebook
(5).You see a huge window in an empty flat, what can you see through the window?
a. a business district
b. a busy street
c. a sea
(6).What is your preferred wedding ceremony style?
a. a formal one with excellent music and decorations
b. one with all traditional ceremonies but not an extravagant ceremony
c. a simple one, the most important thing is that you are together with someone who you love
(7).Which of the following is your preferred flower?
a. rose
b. Lily
c. Dandelion
(8).Which of the following words best describes you?
a. perfectionist
b. realist
c. optimist
(9).You find a shirt which you like very much. But the only colour in stock is black, while you want a blue one. You would …
a. buy another shirt.
b. buy the black shirt reluctantly.
c. buy the black shirt because you do not really care about the colour.
(10).When eating buffet, you would …
a. Select the expensive food first.
b. Select everything and put on the dish.
c. Eat slowly, you only select your favorite food.
Scores::a (1),b (2),c (3)